CYBER PHYSICAL MACRO MATERIAL as a UAV [re]configurable architectural system
Miguel Aflalo, Jingcheng Chen, Behrooz Tahanzadeh (ICD - Prof. Menges und ITKE - Prof. Knippers)

The project Cyber Physical Macro Materials demonstrates a tangible vision of a new dynamic (and intelligent) architecture for public spaces. The agile and reconfigurable canopy is enabled by a combination of distributed robotic construction and programmable matter. The structure is comprised of cyber-physical building material constructed from lightweight carbon fiber filament with integrated electronics for communication and sensing, which operate alongside a collection of autonomous aerial vehicles – ‘builders’. With its ability to continuously reconstruct during use, the system challenges pre-conceived ideas of robotic digital fabrication and sophisticated pre-fabrication for architecture. One can imagine an agile versatile canopy autonomously moving through a large public space according to the position of the sun, providing the occupants with shade or actively rebuilding itself to influence the occupants while at times retreating entirely to nearby rooftops.  This physical flexibility and integrated intelligence enable, new architectural behaviors which are capable of swiftly activating public spaces in defiance of traditionally lethargic building processes and regulations.