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Portes de Spectacle - or from Claude Nicolas Ledoux to nowadays
Niklas Erlewein und Sibylle Schmitt, (IRGE – Prof. Zanderigo)

Startingpoint of our project were the Barrières de Paris of Claude Nicolas Ledoux. Shortly before the french revolution, 56 guard-houses all around paris were built for fiscial and social control.

To mark the border between culture and nature, Ledoux designed exaggerated “propylaea”. His intention was more about a didactic, monumental collection of forms and elements from renaissance and antique. Especially the geometric forms of square, rotunda, greek cross etc. were endlessly combined to various “prototypes”.

We thought about Paris now, and noticed that today there is another border. An inner-city border between Paris-centre and his banlieus: le boulevard péripherique, today a border between cultures. Similar to Ledoux, we created our “tool kit” based on the same geometric forms.

We decided to design three new “propylea” to fulfill the idea of a serie. Located all around Paris alongside the highway we created a chain of public buildings. Working within an ambiguity between monumentality and transformality we let the monument play against the pavillon to find a way to answer the contemporary needs of the common while using the former Ledoux mechanism of design.


Tutors: Jacob Höppner, Selina Ahmann


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