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Lisboa – Tanta casa sem gente sem casa
Natalie Lendzinski, Bente Rau (SI – Prof. Ley)

Vale de Chelas is a valley in the heart of Lisbon, between the Baixa and the Expo Area. Due to its strong topography and fragmentation the district is cut off from the surrounding neighbourhoods, but has a strong identity and valuable grown situations. This contrast already shows the character of Vale de Chelas: village life versus urban traffic, forgotten and authentic, resigned and informal, bad building structures vs. architectural pearls, walls and outlooks, stagnation versus space for visions.

Our approach is to work with the present identity and structure of Vale de Chelas: strengthen and appreciate the existing positive qualities and improve the difficult circumstances, giving new impulses and grow the densification of relationships. Vale de Chelas is to esteem through new and innovative living and working concepts, the addition of missing uses as well as enhancement of public spaces.

Through densification and accessibility the valley could finally connect to the city. It is important to interpret density also as an overlaying of relationships and interactions. This “urban simultaneity” means the coincidence of various elements of the society around a density point, which connects and interweaves everyday worlds and lifestyles. This densification takes place in four different layers: Working, Living, Civic and Urban Landscape. The public space enables the four layers to superpose.


Betreuung: Thorsten Erl, Sigrid Busch


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